Product Specifications

Marquee flooring - Spectrum Deck SA


Individual tile


Module Size:


  • 500 mm x 250 mm x 38 mm


Module Weight:


  • Tile – 680g. (5.4kg/m²)


Base Material:


  • Polypropylene

  • High-impact material




  • Male/Female, clip connection system.

  • Snaps together without any tools.




  • Lightweight design.

  • Connects and disconnects easily.

  • Stores compactly in sheets best suited for user.

  • Purposely designed for outdoor use on grass or as a sub surface.

  • Channeling which allows water flow underneath the floor and to run cables through.


Weight Loading:


  • 4.5 ton static load on solid sub-surface. This will vary, depending on subsurface.




  • 250mm x 100mm sections snap directly to perimeter of floor tile. Each edge weighs - 145g

  • Utilises same clip connection system to the tile.

  • Provides gradual transition onto floor.


Ground Surfaces:


  • Spectrum SA is designed to be used with little ground preparation over grass, gravel, sand, soil, concrete, asphalt, ice, snow, mud, synthetic turf, rubberised tracks, and other standard surfaces.


Functional Features:


  • Individual modules interconnect to form larger flooring sections / sheets.

  • Connection system allows for installation and disassembly without the need for connection or separation tools.

  • Modules feature integrated, multi-directional cable channels on the underside of each module, for running power and communication wiring. This further allows for water flow underneath the floor

  • Modules are designed to allow 90-degree rotation and still connect, allowing greater flexibility in floor design and installation.

  • Modules do not have any submerged channels into which debris or dirt can enter from the top surface, and are easy to clean and maintain.


Warranty: 1 - year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

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